Amerikoons Maine Coon Cats

established in 2003

Amerikoons Maine Coon cats are owned, cherished and cared for by Michele Cone and her family.  We are a small cattery located in Lebanon, CT and strive to produce healthy, loving, personable kittens.  This is our hobby, not a business.  Our cats and kittens are part of the family and are very well socialized with our three daughters and our other pets.  The health of our cats is very important to us and our breeding cats are tested for heart disease via DNA testing and echocardiogram.  Please feel free to contact us regarding our cats and/or kittens at 860-642-4558 or via email at  We would love to help you bring one of these amazing animals into your home!  But beware...Maine Coons are like potato can't have just one! :)

Amerikoons Daniel Boone

"Boone" is a big, goofy guy who loves to play and eat!  He will try and grab his food dish right out of my hands!  I was not planning on keeping a kitten from his litter, especially a male, but he stole my heart from day one and turned into everything I wanted!  He has a great classic pattern, nice big, round eyes, and a strong muzzle.  Thank you Tina for letting me breed "Libby" to your boy "Tommy" and getting this wonderful guy! "Boone" has produced many wonderful kittens for us.


Amerikoons Evening Shade

"Eve" is out of my very first breeding female, "Brooke" and out of my second stud cat "Crockett".  She has alot of old MC lines as well as foundation lines in her background.  She is a sweet, round-faced girl with a nice muzzle.  She is a beautiful smoke torti and a wonderful mother.  "Eve" is shy around strangers and can sometimes have a "torti-tude", but her beauty makes up for it.  "Eve" has produced four very nice litters for us.  "Eve" will have one more litter with "Sawyer" and then retire.



Amerikoons Sunflower Girl

"Sunflower" is a sweet girl that I kept from "Eve" and "Mekwi"...again, wasn't planning on keeping a kitten but I fell in love with her ears and personality at 4 weeks of age!  She has her sire's nice, strong muzzle and loving disposition.  She is a talker and an under-foot cat...she loves to rub on your legs.  "Sunflower" and "Boone" have produced some very nice kittens for us, including "George" who went to Italy to become an Italian Stud! :)  She will be bred to "Sawyer" (see youngsters) this summer (2013).


   Thunderpaws Elizabeth Monroe

"Lizzie" is our new breeding female who came to us from Thunderpaws cattery in northern Maine...thank you so much Donna Chase for this wonderful, SUPER SWEET girl!!  She is a beautiful brown torbie polydactyl (front & back) with wonderful type and lots of foundation lines in her pedigree.  "Lizzie" is an in-your-face kind of kitty...she was here for all of five minutes and was purring and rubbing up against us.  She will turn herself inside out for attention and is a wonderful addition to our little group.  "Lizzie" and "Boone" produced a very nice litter 4/12 and she will be bred to "Sawyer" (see youngsters) this spring (2013).